SCS is proud to present Amaza-Sil. Amaza-Sil is a waterproof, silicone rubber coating specifically designed for home consumer use. Amaza-Sil provides amazing protection for years to come and is environmentally friendly

Amaza-Sil Liquid Rubber works well on: Wood, Concrete, Metal, Brick, Block Basements and Foundations Flat roofs, where ponding and leaking water are issues Metal roofs, RV Roofs, mobile homes, EPDM, TPO, and asphalt roll roofing systems, Chimneys , Gutters, boats, and more


AMAZA-SIL is a thick, rubbery liquid silicone that seals, protects, and waterproofs a variety of issues around your home and property. It is mold, mildew, and UV resistant. It provides excellent protection from water, air, moisture, extreme temperatures, and helps prevent rust and corrosion.

Amaza-Sil X-Grafitti

AMAZA-SIL X-Graffiti is a silicone product designed to be applied to cement walls, brick, fences, and anywhere where graffiti is an issue. Simply wipe with a cloth or pressure wash to remove any graffiti. This product saves thousands of dollars in repainting and renovating your home or facility.

Amaza-Sil RV Package

Amaza-Sil RV Package: This package is designed for RV/Campers and mobile homes. Package includes: 2 gallons of AMAZA-SIL, 1 gallon of AMAZA-SIL Sealant, 1 pint of AMAZA-SIL Gap- filler, polyester tape for seams and vents, 2 paint roller naps, 2 brushes, and 1 paint pan.

Accessory Products

Amaza-Sil Gap Filler

Amaza-Sil Gap Filler is a butter grade silicone sealant. It is a thick, flexible liquid membrane that is a dispersion of 100% silicone rubber. It is designed to seal abnormal roof penetrations as well as gaping holes that cannot be covered with standard sprayers or rollers. It features low odor, ease of application, fast moisture cure, and superior adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Amaza-Sil Sealant-Primer

Amaza-sil Primer is A high quality, plasticizer free, single component, water-based, acrylic primer for spray brush or roller application. It has been designed to provide both excellent adhesion as well as plasticizer migration resistance. With its special formulation it has the unique ability to “breath”, providing a completely watertight membrane while allowing trapped moisture to escape. Has excellent adhesion to most single ply surfaces including PVC, Hypalon and aged TPO.

Silco Ultra-Flex Caulk

Ultra-Flex is a one component, medium modulus, neutral cure 100% silicone sealant and adhesive. The thicker formulation makes this product perfect for exterior construction applications. When fully cured, this unique VOC compliant formula offers UV stability and tenacious adhesion to pvc, concrete, glass, aluminum, painted surfaces, wood, plywood, stucco, building paper, window wrap, fiber cement, brick, stone, masonry plus many other common material surfaces.

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The information herein is to assist customers in determining whether this product is suitable for various applications. Customers assume full responsibility for quality control, testing and determination of suitability of products for its intended application or use. Amaza-Sil is not recommended for application on roofing shingles, or shop floors. Please see SCS’ commercial line for larger projects and jobs at Any questions please call 706-292-0172.

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